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OWIS Fine opto-mechanics

Pacific Laser Equipment is the exclusive distributor and representative for OWIS in USA and CANADA.

As a medium-sized, owner-managed company based in Staufen im Breisgau, Germany, OWIS is developing and manufacturing high-precision products and solutions for scientific institutions and industrial companies worldwide.

OWIS strengths lie in laser technology. That is why OWIS has been appreciated in measurement and testing technology, research and science, the semiconductor industry, biotechnology and medical technology, image processing and sensor technology, analytics and diagnostics for decades.

OWIS wide product portfolio of beam handling systems, optical components as well as manual and motorized positioners offers you the perfect modular system to realize your application or laboratory setup in photonics.

This also applies for vacuum applications. The OWIS Vacuum Series is designed for high vacuum (HV), ultra high vacuum (UHV) and extremely high vacuum (XHV). In XHV with pressure ranges of 10-11 mbar, we have developed a unique competence.

With OWIS Engineering, we support you in application-specific customizing, in the fast and flexible setup of alignment and handling systems, or when it comes to further developing your laboratory setup into a production-ready series product, the OWIS Optics Box.

Lasers love OWIS. Not without reason. Our products and engineering services are characterized by precision, functionality and reliability that you can rely on!


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