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OWIS Fine opto-mechanics


  • travel 300 mm
  • ironless linear motor with incremental linear measuring system
  • suitable for industrial use, as maintenance-free and dust-protected
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The LINPOS M-300 combines a powerful direct drive with a fine resolution incremental linear measuring system, allowing high dynamics at highest precision. The ironless linear motor enables fast movement with constant speed up to 950 mm/s and the smooth rastering in small equidistant steps equally.

High-quality recirculating ball bearing guides enable high load capacity and ensure a high degree of straightness and minimal angular error over the entire travel range. The guides are the only purely mechanical components and maintenance-free for five years.

The closed design with metal cover and lateral cover strip suits the LINPOS M ideally for industrial applications. The optional purge air connection serves as an additional protection of the high-quality components against the deposition of particles.

The LINPOS M has a drag chain and can be optionally equipped with a cable management system for combination with additional axes.

The LINPOS M is available with a travel of 300 mm. Thanks to the modular linear motor, there are almost no limits to adjustments of the travel upon request.


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