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Universal Position Control Units PS 90

OWIS Fine opto-mechanics

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DATASHEET pi_ps_90.pdf


The PS90 is a universal modular designed position control unit, flexibly configurable according to the application field.

It is a powerful device which can control maximum nine axes. Thus, 2-phase step motors or DC motors (brush and brushless) can work together. Linear motors can be operated as well. Here, the axes one, four and seven are equipped with a motor-holding brake.

For highly precise positioning tasks there is a further input for incremental encoder or a position measuring system available for each axis.

Micro-step mode with step motors guarantees smooth running and high resolution. These motors can be operated up to 256 micro steps per full step using the software.

The PS 90 is operated and programmed by a PC. Alternative it can also be used stand-alone with a handheld terminal with LC-display and keypad or an joystick.

For the communication with a PC, USB and RS232 interfaces are integrated. The optional Anybus interface (Anybus module "Modbus/TCP") enables the communication via Ethernet.

Eight inputs and eight outputs allow flexible to communicate with different peripherals, for example: TTL, analog and PLC level.

Because of safety requirements, an external emergency-stop button is pluggable.

The PS 90 provides point-to-point positioning in trapeze or S-curve velocity-time-profiles.

A power cable (2.5 m) and a USB cable (3 m) are part of the

delivery as well as a CD with the proven software tool OWISoft, the

driver and SDK for C, C++, C#, LabView (V 8.2 and higher) and additional programming languages (32/64 bit). Thus, the PS 90 can be configured and operated comfortably.

Supported operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows 8 (32/64 bit), Windows 8.1 (32/64 bit) and Windows 10 (32/64-Bit).

Foreign motors can also be operated.

  • up to 9 axes controllable
  • for 2-phase step motors and DC servo motors (brushed and brushless)
  • micro step mode up to 1/256
  • USB and RS 232 interface
  • 8 TTL-, 8 Analog- and 8 SPS- inputs and outputs
  • 4 configurable limit switch inputs per axis
  • point-to-point operation, circular interpolation and linear interpolation
  • programmable velocity profiles
  • OWISid

- ethernet Interface
- handheld terminal
- Joystick
- connection for measuring Systems
- stand-alone compiler

Art. Nbr. Type Title
53.90.2403 PS 90-24-03

PS 90 base unit, 24V/480W, 1-3 axes, without drive module

53.90.2406 PS 90-24-06

PS 90 base unit, 24V/480W, 1-6 axes, without drive module

53.90.2409 PS 90-24-09

PS 90 base unit, 24V/480W, 1-9 axes, without drive module

53.90.4803 PS 90-48-03

PS 90 base unit, 48V/480W, 1-3 axes, without drive module

53.90.4806 PS 90-48-06

PS 90 base unit, 48V/480W, 1-6 axes, without drive module

53.90.4809 PS 90-48-09

PS 90 base unit, 48V/480W, 1-9 axes, without drive module

53.90.01 AM-2SM

drive module for 2-phase step motor

53.90.02 AM-DC

drive module for DC servo motor (brush)

53.90.03 AM-2SM-EC

drive module for 2-phase step Motor with encoder

53.90.04 AM-BLDC

drive module for DC servo motor (brushless)

53.20.S300 KAB-09-HD15-3

connecting cable 3 m long, shielded, for 2-phase step motor up to 1.8 A

53.27.S300 KAB-79-HD15-3

connecting cable 3 m, shielded, for 2-phase step motor up from 1.8 A
(twin conductor with encoder connection)

53.20.D301 KAB-09-HD26-3

connecting cable 3 m, shielded, for DC servo motor (brush) up to 3.6 A

53.27.D304 KAB-79-L18+L6-3

connecting cable 3 m, shielded, for DC servo motor (brush) up to 7.2 A and 2-phase step motors
with additional encoder or motor holding brake (twin conductor)

53.90.9015 PS 90-3LMS

evaluation measuring system for 3 axes

53.90.1027 PS 90-LMS-A1

connection measuring system/encoder for 1 axis

53.90.9033 PS 90-BR

extra charge for additional motor brake

53.90.P7 PS 90-AB-MOD

additional 1 ethernet interface (Modbus/TCP)

53.90.9990 PS 90-HDT

handheld terminal with connecting cable, 2 m, shielded

53.90.9991 PS 90-JOY

joystick for 3 axes, analog, with connecting cable, 3 m

53.90.9995 PS 90-NOT

emergency stop button with 3 m connecting cable

53.90.9993 PS 90-RS 232

RS 232-interface cable, 3 m

53.90.0019 PS 90-19R

19" rack

53.93.0000 PS 90-SA-USB

stand-alone-compiler with USB-dongle


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