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Theta-Phi-Goniometers TPM 150-20-20-243

OWIS Fine opto-mechanics

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The TPM150-20-20-243 theta-phi goniometer provides high-precision positioning for high loads. To achieve high accuracy, the TPM150-20-20-243 is equipped with components made with high precision.

The low-backlash worm gear drive allows further mountings in the direction using horizontal and vertical travel range, but also upside down applications. The special developed bearing system enables high loads with high resolution.

The distance between the mounting surface and the rotation point of 163 mm provides enough space for the setup.

The adjustment range is ±10°. Depending on the requirements of the application, a step motor or a DC servo motor version can be selected. For protection of the mechanics, Hall-effect or mechanical limit switches are integrated.

The top quality black anodized protective coating of the aluminium parts prevents reflections or stray light almost completely.

Manual versions, see chapter ‘Manual Positioning Systems’.

  • adjustment range ± 10°
  • designed for industrial application
  • deformation-resistant aluminium
  • reflection-poor, black anodized
  • low-backlash worm gear
  • specially developed bearing sytem
  • Hall-effect or mechanical limit switches
  • 2-phase step motor or DC servo motor with encoder
  • with OWISid


Art. Nbr. Type Title
45.N53.22AT TPM 150-20-20-243-HiSM

Höhe des Drehpunktes 243 mm

45.N53.22BT TPM 150-20-20-243-MiSM

Höhe des Drehpunktes 243 mm

45.N53.22GJ TPM 150-20-20-243-HiDS

Höhe des Drehpunktes 243 mm

45.N53.22WJ TPM 150-20-20-243-MiDS

Höhe des Drehpunktes 243 mm


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