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Motorized Iris Diaphragm - $1,295.00 -

Special motorized and electronics

Mass:  200 grams
Dimensions:  80 x 70 x 20mm




The Motorized Iris Diaphragm is a mechanical device used to control the amount of transmitted light through an adjustable aperture.

The shape of the circular optical aperture is not perfect circular because it is achieved using a number of thin and smooth curved blades or leaves.

These blades are attached at one end to a ring which when rotated changes the diameter of the rezulting aperture.

Regular irises do not fully close but can achieve up to a minimum aperture of 0.5 mm diameter.

Zero Aperture or fully closable iris diaphragms are a special category. They consist of 2 parallel planes of blades which can fully obstruct the light.

Applications for Motorized irises include cameras, microscopes and other scientific instruments or apparatus where it limits the amount of light reaching a specimen, a sensor or photo-detector.

The IMS-37A motorized iris diaphragm allows continuous and smooth adjustment of the circular aperture from a computer or another electronic programmable machine.


An OPEN - CLOSE cycle at normal speed filmed with 30fps
Two OPEN - CLOSE cycles at High Speed filmed with 30fps
It takes 250msec to go from fully open to fully closed. Can be opened to any diameter desired and if needed can move at slower speeds. Filmed at 1000fps with Edgertronic SC2+ High Speed Camera.
Slow moving iris using the USB Stick controller and LabView
- Motorized Iris Diaphragm
- Fully closable
- Aperture diameter 0-37mm
- Two lamella sets at a distance of 2.8mm
- Stepper or DC Geared Servomotor
- Up to 23000 increments for full open-close operation
- Motor current max. 0.17A
- Motor voltage max. 12V
- Opening time 0.2 to 30 sec.
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