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Tip/Tilt Piezo Beam-Steering platform

Tip/Tilt Piezo Beam-Steering platforms are designed based on a parallel kinematik model.
Depending on the number of actuators used to actuate the platform there are:
  • single axis (tip only) platforms using one piezo stack
  • two axis (tip/tilt) platforms using two piezo stacks
  • three axis (tip/tilt and Z) using three piezo stacks.
  • a 2 axis design is using 4 piezo stack when the control must be kept simple.
Tip/Tilt Piezo Beam-Steering platform are capable of nanopositioning with resolutions down to sub microradian.
They are used for in many applications such as:
  • Optical Tweezers & Optical Traps
  • Astronomy
  • Medicine
  • Lasers and photonics
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