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SYS 65 System Rails with slotted holes S 65 LL

OWIS Fine opto-mechanics

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The S 65 LL system rails are basic elements of the SYS 65 beam handling system. They are made of a special aluminium alloy, which ensures high dimensional stability. The guidance and assembly surfaces are machined with high precision. A sophisticated system concept allows precise and reproducible positioning of other SYS 65 components on the S 65 LL rails.

The system rails, RT 65 slides and other SYS 65 components, such as optic holders, form a system with a optical axis 65 mm above the base surface.

The slotted holes enable the mounting of the S 65 LL system rails on optical tables in virtually any angle to the thread grid.

  • system height 65 mm
  • suitable for metric and inch mounting grids
  • deformation-resistant aluminium
  • reflection-poor, black anodized

- other lengths
- other anodized colours
- with tape scale
- non-magnetic or vacuum-prepared versions available

Art. Nbr. Type Title
16.011.0065 S 65-65

system rail 65 with counterbore, 65 mm long

16.011.0130 S 65-130-LL

system rail 65, 130 mm long, with slotted hole

16.011.0200 S 65-200-LL

system rail 65, 200 mm long, with slotted hole

16.011.0300 S 65-300-LL

system rail 65, 300 mm long, with slotted holes

16.011.0400 S 65-400-LL

system rail 65, 400 mm long, with slotted holes

16.011.0500 S 65-500-LL

system rail 65, 500 mm long, with slotted holes

16.011.0700 S 65-700-LL

system rail 65, 700 mm long, with slotted holes

16.011.1000 S 65-1000-LL

system rail 65, 1000 mm long, with slotted holes

16.011.1500 S 65-1500-LL

system rail 65, 1500 mm long, with slotted holes

Schrauben ISO 4762 M6 x 12

screws ISO 4762 M6 x 12 are included in scope of delivery

91.200.1000 KBM 100

adhesive tape scale


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