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Rotary Measuring Stages DMT 40

OWIS Fine opto-mechanics

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The DMT 40 rotary measuring stages allow unlimited rotation angles at resolutions of less than one angular minute. They are suitable for horizontal and vertical rotational axes.

The precision ball bearings and the worm gear are backlash-free.

With slide RT 40-20, the DMT 40 rotary measuring stages are for use with SYS 40. They are available with different motorizations.

All aluminium parts have a top quality black anodized protective coating.

  • for use with SYS 40
  • deformation-resistant aluminium
  • reflection-poor, black anodized
  • precision angular contact ball bearings
  • preloaded worm gear
  • rotary table with aperture
  • Hall-effect reference Switch
  • 2-phase geared step motor or DC geared motor with encoder
  • with OWISid

- vacuum-prepared versions available

Art. Nbr. Type Title
43.040.25AK DMT 40-D20-HiSM

rotary measuring stage, with ø 25 mm retainer and ø 20 mm aperture, step motor and Hall-effect reference switch

43.040.25GP DMT 40-D20-HiDS

rotary measuring stage, with ø 25 mm retainer and ø 20 mm aperture, DC geared motor with encoder and Hall-effect reference switch

43.040.M001 MP 40-34/50-HO

mounting plate for vertical or horizontal mounting

14.021.0020 RT 40-20-R

slide SYS 40, 20 mm, with knurled screw

14.022.0020 RT 40-20-M3

slide RT 40, 20 mm, with hexagon socket head cap screw


mounts for slack optics - s. product info G


reduction and fibre adapters - s. product info EINSR FASE 40

90.999.0008 SST.F8

grease for gears, 5 ml, in applicator


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