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Pins STF 15

OWIS Fine opto-mechanics

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The STF 15 pins have a 15 mm diameter and a M6 x 12 mm (internal) base thread. The ø 3.2 mm through hole enable the tightening or loosening of the components to be mounted without damaging the jacket surface.

Grub screws M6 for external thread - to mount optics mounts for example - are part of delivery. For M4 external thread the set STF 15-M4-MS is available. The pins with the M6 internal threads are used, among other things, for fastening profile rails to pins as well as in combination with adapter elements.

  • deformation-resistant aluminium
  • reflection-poor, black anodized
  • in different heights
  • fit any application
  • ways of installing
    - clamping fork
    - in column SL 12/16


Art. Nbr. Type Title
21.115.9020 STF 15-20-M6

20 mm long

21.115.9025 STF 15-25-M6

25 mm long

21.115.9050 STF 15-50-M6

50 mm long

21.115.9075 STF 15-75-M6

75 mm long

21.115.9100 STF 15-100-M6

100 mm long 

20.915.3075 SPG SL-STF

clamping fork for columns SL 12/16 and
pins STF 5

21.115.MS01 STF 15-M4-MS

thread adapter set for M4 external thread

21.915.9001 STF 15-RG

set collar for pins 15

31.915.1501 MT-AD15

connectors 90°

21.215.0300 STF 15-VERK

cross connector


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