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High-Precision Linear Stages with measuring system LIMES 84N-IMS

OWIS Fine opto-mechanics

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The linear stages of the series LIMES 84N-IMS with the integrated linear measuring system are characterized by high precision for highest positioning requirements. Due to the integrated metal covering as well as their suitability for continuous operation, the LIMES 84N-IMS linear stages are the optimal choice for R&D and industrial applications.

The almost backlash-free guides provide optimal motion as well as high load capacity.

The integrated measuring system provides an accurate position feedback with highest resolution at any time.

The high quality drive and the preloaded ball screw ensure high-precision movement as well as a high life time.

The integrated metal covering protects the high-quality guides and ball screw.

All aluminium parts have a top quality black anodized protective coating.

  • travel up to 270 mm
  • deformation-resistant aluminium
  • reflection-poor, black anodized
  • almost backlash-free ball screw
  • carriage with ground and stainless recirculating ball bearing guides
  • with integrated linear measuring system
  • Hall-effect or mechanical limit switches
  • with metal covering
  • 2-phase step motor or DC motor
  • with OWISid

- brake
- vacuum-prepared versions available

Art. Nbr. Type Title
41.A89.04AVM LIMES 84N-45-HiSM-IMS

45 mm travel

41.A89.07AVM LIMES 84N-70-HiSM-IMS

70 mm travel

41.A89.12AVM LIMES 84N-120-HiSM-IMS

120 mm travel

41.A89.17AVM LIMES 84N-170-HiSM-IMS

170 mm travel

41.A89.27AVM LIMES 84N-270-HiSM-IMS

s270 mm travel

41.A89.04BVM LIMES 84N-45-MiSM-IMS

45 mm travel

41.A89.07BVM LIMES 84N-70-MiSM-IMS

70 mm travel

41.A89.12BVM LIMES 84N-120-MiSM-IMS

120 mm travel

41.A89.17BVM LIMES 84N-170-MiSM-IMS

170 mm travel

41.A89.27BVM LIMES 84N-270-MiSM-IMS

270 mm travel

41.A89.04GJM LIMES 84N-45-HiDS-IMS

45 mm travel

41.A89.07GJM LIMES 84N-70-HiDS-IMS

70 mm travel

41.A89.12GJM LIMES 84N-120-HiDS-IMS

120 mm travel

41.A89.17GJM LIMES 84N-170-HiDS-IMS

170 mm travel

41.A89.27GJM LIMES 84N-270-HiDS-IMS

270 mm travel

41.A89.04WJM LIMES 84N-45-MiDS-IMS

45 mm travel

41.A89.07WJM LIMES 84N-70-MiDS-IMS

70 mm travel

41.A89.12WJM LIMES 84N-120-MiDS-IMS

120 mm travel

41.A89.17WJM LIMES 84N-170-MiDS-IMS

170 mm travel

41.A89.27WJM LIMES 84N-270-MiDS-IMS

270 mm travel

41.083.0001 MONT-LT(M)80-Z

Z Assembly Bracket for LT(M) 80(P/F/M), LIMES 84N and NHL 84 series, without assembly

41.083.0003 MONT-LT(M)80-Z-L

Z assembly bracket for linear stages with 200 mm and 300 mm travel of the LT(M) 80(P/F/M), LIMES 84N and NHL 84 series, without assembly

90.999.0011 SST.F11

grease for spindle, 5 ml in applicator

90.999.0002 SST.F2

grease for guides, 5 ml in applicator


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