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Flip Mirror Holders, motorized KSHM 65

OWIS Fine opto-mechanics

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The KSHM 65 motorized flip mirror holders can be applied in all orientations. They swing optics with ø 38.1 mm (1.5") - for example mirrors and beamsplitters - in an 45° angle into the light beam. The repeatability is smaller than 100 µrad and the switching time with the control unit NG-E02 is approx. 1.5 s.

To fasten the optics in the KSHM 65, they are pressed against three stops by using two clamping plates. So transmitting optics can also be mounted into the mounts. These are fastened on an wobble plate, and set ±0.6° with the help of disc springs.

The motorized version of the KSH 65 can be fixed with the two RT 65-21-R-ZM slides on the S 65 LL system rails of the SYS 65 system, directly. To mount them on STF 15 pins, there is a central M6 thread in the bottom plate.

  • for use with SYS 65
  • deformation-resistant aluminium
  • reflection-poor, black anodized
  • for all orientations
  • for optics with ø 38.1 mm (1.5") and a thickness of 6 mm
  • mechanical limit switches
  • DC geared motor
  •  ways of installing
    – on two slides RT 65-21-R-ZM
    – on pin

- optics
- vacuum-prepared versions available

Art. Nbr. Type Title
16.021.0021 RT 65-21-R-ZM

two slides SYS 65, 20 mm, to mount KSH(M) 65 on S 65 LL, with knurled screws

46.060.38KN KSHM 65-RE-MDS

flip mirror holders with DC geared motor, with mechanical limit switches, for optics with
ø 38.1 mm (1.5"), deflection to the right

46.065.38KN KSHM 65-LI-MDS

flip mirror holders with DC geared motor, with mechanical limit switches, for optics with
ø 38,1 mm (1.5"), deflection to the left

52.669.0012 NG-E02

control unit for flip mirror holders with TTL input, incl. switch, power supply unit and
connecting cable

26.306.9026 RZE-G65-E-D38-D26

reduction insert, 38.1 mm to ø 25 mm / 25.4 mm (1")

  STF 15

pin 15 - s. product information STF 15


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