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Differential Micrometers MSD

OWIS Fine opto-mechanics

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The OWIS® MSD differential micrometers have hardened and precisely ground spindles. The 0.5 µm scaling allows fine positioning adjustment. Thimble and sleeve are matt chrome plated and therefore offer greatest possible contrast to the scale lines. As thrust piece a hardened steel ball is embedded in the spindle. Thus these micrometers are particularly used as highly precise actuators.

The micrometers are available with a fastening thread M9 x 0.5 (15 mm travel) and with the fastening thread M12 x 0.5 (25 mm travel).

The micrometers are fixed after mounting with the corresponding counter nuts.

  • accuracy according to DIN 863 
  • measuring drum and bush matt chrome plated
  • highly sensitive adjustable through large drum diameter
  • indication range 15 mm and 25 mm, depending on type
  • spindle pitch 0.025 mm (fine) and 0.25 mm (coarse)
  • graduation 0.5 µm (fine) resp. 5 µm (coarse)

- vacuum-prepared versions available

Art. Nbr. Type Title
91.309.1152 MSD 9-15

differential micrometer, 15 mm measuring range, M9 x 0.5 mounting thread

91.312.1252 MSD 12-25

differential micrometer, 15 mm measuring range, M12 x 0.5 mounting thread


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