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OWISet Optical Delay Lines ODL

OWIS Fine opto-mechanics

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The OWISet optical delay line is a complete construction kit with approved optical components, high-precision linear stages and a position control. It can be individually selected from different products.

The optical access heights range from 58 mm up to 165 mm depending on the selected option. According to the travel of the linear stage, delay options of 300 ps to1933 ps are possible. Using 2-phase step motors with a PS 10, a step size of min. 0.26 fs can be reached, with a PS 30 of 0.13 fs. Using DC motors, the min. resolution might be 3.3 fs.

OWIS® already offers six ODL versions.

Thanks to the high stability of the OWIS® products, the optical delay line is particularly suitable for continuous operation.

For special setups, the components can be selected individually.

  • for use with SYS 65 and SYS 90
  • max. delay times from 300 ps up to 1933 ps
  • step size of min. 0.13 fs (calculated)
  • beam height available from 58 mm
  • easy handling
  • complete construction sets
  • various applications
Art. Nbr. Type Title
75.124.086 ODL 86

optical delay lines with 65 mm beam height and 867 ps max. delay time

75.124.193 ODL 19

optical delay lines with 97.5 to 113 mm beam height and 1933 ps max. delay time

75.084.030 ODL 30

optical delay lines with 77.5 mm beam height and 300 ps max. delay time

75.084.113 ODL 11

optical delay lines with 77.5 mm beam height and 1133 ps max. delay time

75.080.033 ODL 33

optical delay lines with 65.5 mm beam height and 333 ps max. delay time

75.122.173 ODL 17

optical delay lines with 78 mm beam height and 1733 ps max. delay time


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