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"DSP-51 DC Servo Motor Controller and driver", ID 8
Single axis DC servo motor controller. EUROCARD. Networkable. RS-232/USB interface.
Weight: 350gramsSize: 6x4x1"
Description:   One axis Motor Controller for small and medium DC Servo motors.
- Up to 35V, 3A DC power supply.
- Encoder feedback option available with absolute position.
- The PC Interface can be RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet or wireless.
- Up to 99 boards may share same PC host interface.
- 2 ch general purpose 10-bit A/D input port for reading 0 to 5V.
- Home reference switch with indexing for repeatable positioning.
- End of travel switches.
- Absolute positioning via Joystick on front panel.
- Simple Terminal type programming.
- DEMO program.
- LabView drivers.
- Analog output drive for low noise environments.
- Recommended mechanics: DCS16-1004, LDC-25, SuprMike and OWIS stages and actuators.
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