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"LIMES 170", ID 58
High-Precision Linear Stages from OWIS
Description:   Travel range: 400-600-1000 and 1500mm or 5ft 11'
Motor type: 2 Phase bipolar Stepper or DC Servo brushed
Motor Voltages: 24 or 48V DC
Motor current: Maximum 4A
Encoder pulses per rotation: 10000
Full steps per rotation: 200
Backlash-free ball screw pitch: 5mm/turn
Moving platform: With preloaded recirculating ball bearings
Yaw/Pitch angle: 75mrad
Bi-directional repeatability: 3μm
Positioning error: less than 10mm over 100mm travel
Maximum rated speed: 150mm/s with DC Servo motor
Maximum normal load:1500N
Available Linear encoder, non-contact limit switches, brake.
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